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60,943,912 total (2008). England (51,446,000), Northern Ireland (1,775,000), Scotland (5,194,000), Wales (2,999,300)

Land area:

241,590 sq. km. England (130,395 sq. km.), Northern Ireland (13,843 sq. km.), Scotland (78,772 sq. km.), Wales (20,779 sq. km.)


London (British central government and capital of England; pop. 7,500,000; 2005). Belfast (capital of Northern Ireland; pop. 267,500; 2005). Cardiff (capital of Wales; pop. 324,800; 2008). Edinburgh (capital of Scotland; pop. 477,660; 2009)


In 2006, the United Kingdom ranked 15th in the UNDP Human Development Index and 5th in total GDP, with a per capita GDP of $38,849.97. Public debt accounts for 43.6 percent of total GDP, while 14 percent of Britons are beneath the poverty line.

Main language(s):

English, Gaelic, Scots, Welsh

Monkey's name:

English: The Monkey. Gaelic: Ap. Scots: Pug. Welsh: Simach

Fun fact:

In 1936, the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) built a studio and erected an antenna at north London’s Alexandra Palace, a 19th Century exhibition hall. From there, on 2 November 1936 the BBC began the world’s first regularly scheduled television broadcast.

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