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8 May 2011
Doublé Doublé - NybomaYouTube / Nyboma • A bit of joy for the joyless. If you don't start to tap your foot to this Congolese classic, the Monkey regrets to inform you that you have died.
1 May 2011
Happy Worker’s Day 2011: Still a long way to goThe Guardian • The Monkey wishes all of you a relaxing and restful Worker's Day, even though many of you will be working today. Since its origins in the 19th Century labor movements, International Workers Day marks the daily efforts of the vast majority of the world's people. The Monkey's current featured link—about awful conditions at the plants making Apple iPads and iPhones—is a timely reminder of how much is left to be done to ensure that workers have dignified, humane labor conditions.
12 March 2011
Donate to Japan Earthquake/Tsunami reliefMercy CorpsMercy Corps is collecting funds to support the relief work of its Japanese partner, Peace Winds. The American Red Cross is also accepting donations for relief efforts in Japan.
11 March 2011
Tsunami warnings around Pacific rimCNN • After a massive earthquake in Japan, a tsunami warning has been issued for countries around the Pacific region—from Indonesia and the Philippines to Australia, various Pacific island states, and coastal stretches of Russia as well as the entire Pacific coast of the Americas (Canada to Chile).
26 February 2011
Arab Revolution blogArab Revolution blog • This blog compiles videos, pictures, and accounts smuggled from the front line of the revolts in North Africa and the Middle East. Fascinating for insights the mainstream media is barely picking up and fearful despots are attempting to put down. From unearthed secret prisons to street battles, this is what revolution looks like.
22 February 2011
Urge Security Council to act against Libya crackdownAvaaz.org • As the Qadaffi regime clings to power through increasingly violent means, the UN Security Council is in special session to decide on a response. Please take this Avaaz action urging the Security Council to take immediate steps to prevent more bloodshed. As a former president of the UN SC, the Monkey endorses this action.
17 February 2011
Tajga BluesYouTube/Marta Kubišová • 1968 was a funky year in quite a few places, and Czechoslovakia was no exception—despite Soviet tanks on the streets of its cities. This classic from Marta Kubišová is exhibit A, complete with fuzz guitar, jazzy brass, and hipster dancers supporting her testimony.
12 February 2011
Egypt, EgyptYouTube/Egyptian Lover • After weeks of unrest and demonstrations inspired by the events in Tunisia, people power has won out in Egypt: longstanding hard man president Hosni Mubarak has resigned! Details still emerging (follow progress via BBC), but this is a momentous day in the country's modern history. Were the Monkey in Tahrir Square, he'd be breakin' to this track. ¡Egypt Egypt!
7 February 2011
Broken social sceneTwisted Blood blog • A blogger answers another writer's question, "how on earth can lefties like football?" A brief but worthwhile exploration of the political state of the beautiful game.
29 January 2011
Misery BearBBC • This series of short films takes a dark look at modern life, through the eyes of a cuddly teddy bear. Macabre and, at times, moving.
18 January 2011
Lost City blogLost City • A writer takes a nostalgic look at New York City's disappearing eateries and drinking holes. From classic restaurants to dive bars, this blog documents extinct and endangered establishments while also celebrating those that manage to cling to life amid New York's rampant real estate speculation.
14 January 2011
Tunisia: President Zine al-Abidine Ben Ali forced outBBC News • A day after promising to stand down in 2014, Tunisia's President Ben Ali has fled the country after 23 years in power. His departure comes after dozens of deaths amid a crackdown on protests over economic and political freedom in the North African state.
8 January 2011
How Wikileaks Enlightened Us in 2010CBS News (United States) • A well-compiled encapsulation of the main Wikileaks revelations thus far, with onward links for further elucidation.

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