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7,306,677 (2010, excluding disputed administration region of Kosovo). 9,111,515 (2007, including Kosovo)

Land area:

88,360 sq. km.




Serbia ranked 67th in the UNDP Human Development Index (2007) and 76th in total GDP (2009), with a per capita GDP of $10,897 (2010, excluding Kosovo). Public debt accounts for 31.3 percent of total GDP, while 7.9 percent of Serbians are beneath the poverty line.

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Monkey's name:

Majmun (my-moon)

Fun fact:

One of Serbia’s most macabre structures is the Cele Kula, or Skull Tower, located in Nis. It dates from a time when Ottoman soldiers were growing increasingly tired of Serb rebellions against their rule. After quelling one such uprising in 1809, Ottoman troops decapitated 952 fallen Serbs and built the short, square tower out of the Serbs’ heads. While the Ottomans intended it to serve as a warning to the local population, within a few years the Serbs had managed to rid their lands of the Ottoman occupiers, and they preserved the Skull Tower as a memorial to the sacrifice of the early Serb nationalists.

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