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672,180 (2009)

Land area:

13,450 sq. km.


Podgorica (pop. 169,132; 2003)


Montenegro ranked 65th in the UNDP Human Development Index (2007) and 146th in total GDP (2009), with a per capita GDP of $10,393 (2009). Public debt accounts for 38 percent of total GDP (2006), while 7 percent of Montenegrins are beneath the poverty line.

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Monkey's name:

Majmun (my-moon)

Fun fact:

Montenegro was an early adopter of the euro, despite not being a member of the European Union or the Eurozone currency union. It switched to the euro (from the German mark) at its official launch in 2002, and even during the short-lived state of Serbia and Montenegro prior to its full independence, Montenegro did not accept Serbian dinars. Although some microstates such as Andorra, Monaco, San Marino, and the Vatican also use the euro, they are enveloped by EU member states that officially use the currency. Montenegro’s unilateral euroization has led to some friction with the EU, as Brussels views the adoption of the currency as part of the larger framework of EU accession—something Montenegro is still working toward.

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