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2,061,315 (2008)

Land area:

24,856 sq. km.


Skopje (pop: 444,229; 2005)


In 2006, Macedonia ranked 60th in the UNDP Human Development Index and 116th in total GDP, with a per capita GDP of $3,050.85. Public debt accounts for 30.8 percent of total GDP, while 29.8 percent of Macedonians are beneath the poverty line.

Main language(s):

Macedonian (over 20 percent of the population speaks Albanian)

Monkey's name:

Maimunka (my-moon-ka)

Fun fact:

Though inextricably tied to India due to her lifelong work with its impoverished, Mother Theresa of Calcutta is, in fact, a Macedonian. She was born in Skopje in 1910, of Albanian lineage. She went to India after joining an Irish missionary group.

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