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Macau, SAR China


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545,674 (2008)

Land area:

28.2 sq. km.


As a Special Administrative Region of the People’s Republic of China, Macau retains significant autonomy and self-rule, but is answerable to Beijing.


In 2006, Macau ranked 87th in total GDP, with a per capita GDP of $30,847.02. No figures for Macau’s public debt, its UNDP Human Development Index ranking, or the number of Macanese beneath the poverty line are available.

Main language(s):

Chinese (Cantonese), Portuguese, English

Monkey's name:

猴子 Hou2 zi5 (Cantonese, with intonation marks), O Macaco (Portuguese, Oh mah-ka-koh), The Monkey (English).

Fun fact:

Tiny Macau has the highest population density of any country or territory in the world. For each of its 28.2 square kilometers, there are 18,534 residents!

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