A few links to some of the Monkey’s favorite websites.

Other traveling monkey sites

The Monkey isn’t the only monkey on a globe-spanning mission!

  • Nate’s Sock Monkey Hub – Meet Nate, one of a plethora of traveling sock monkeys (yes, monkeys made out of socks). Nate has quite a bit of travel under his belt!
  • The Legendary Exploits of Lucius M. Monkey – This expansive website features the travels and tales of Lucius M. Monkey and his sock monkey friends. Lucius has some great photos.
  • Pablo the Monkey – Pablo is a sock monkey who has spanned the globe. His photos are stored in a human travel forum called RealTravel.

More traveling Schlepps and other bears

You’ve met the Monkey’s Schlepp friends, but check out these other on-the-road ursines!

  • Wellington’s World – Wellington is a Schlepp who really gets around. Read his story and see his pictures from around the world.
  • Travel Schlepp – This Schlepp from Oregon has been involved in global arms control and nonproliferation efforts. Way to go, Travel Schlepp!
  • ArnieTravels  – Arnie the Bear has been to every continent and over 30 countries!
  • L.J. Bear  – L.J. Bear has visited a number of destinations, from Norway to New Zealand.
  • Travelling Bears  – This family of teddies hail from Ireland, and they’ve put together an impressive collection of travel photos.
  • Frimpong the Bear  – Frimpong is English, but feels himself a citizen of the world. He travels to meet different photographers who snap his picture around the world.
  • Nounours  – Nounours is a French teddy bear with a webcam of its own, plus occasional travel photos.

More traveling animals and creatures

Beyond monkeys and bears, there are lots of other traveling animals and odd little creatures circling the globe!

  • Willy Puchner’s Penguins  – Austrian artist Willy Puchner took a pair of penguins on a number of travels, documenting their experiences in some wonderful photographs.
  • Spud’s Travels  – Spud is a Mr. Potato Head doll and long-time traveller (since 1985!) who has really been around—even to Easter Island.
  • The Fabulous Adventures of Mr. Wombat  – A furry little fellow from down under, Mr. Wombat has a great collection of travel photographs.
  • Bud’s Travels  – Bud is a mannequin who has been traveling since 1983, and must be one of the largest travellers of this variety out there. He has some pretty amazing pictures.
  • Travel Pig  – Travel Pig documents the travels of over 20 pigs who accompany dozens of humans on trips around the world.
  • Pandas on Tour  – This site lets you follow the world travels of two cuddly panda bears. They’ve been quite a few places!
  • The Adventures of Mini-Psycho and Mini-Seek  – Mix a Japanese rock group, some tiny action figures, and lots of volunteer photographers, and you end up with this website.
  • Nodding Dogs On Tour  – Those little nodding head dogs you see in cars have finally broken out of the autos and onto the travel stage. Bizarre.
  • (More Nodding Dogs)  – The nodding/bobble head dogs have a sister site run from Germany with even more canine adventures.
  • Gnomar  – Gnomar is a traveling garden gnome whose site features an almost daily update.
  •  – This site is dedicated to tracking the travels of a bunch of tiny gnome statues. You can register and start your own gnomadic adventure.
  • Dinosaur Bob  – Dinosaur Bob follows the adventures of a green traveling dinosaur who has unfortunately gone missing.
  • The Adventures of Jean Luc Picard  – If you thought Captain Picard only explored space and the occasional highly interactive hologram, think again.

Other traveling objects

Truly miscellaneous traveling objects.

  • Cheese On Tour  – A community of cheese-lovers have built this homage to their favorite food, complete with a multitude of photos of different cheeses in famous places.
  • Beans Around the World  – Cheese isn’t the only traveling food. Two friends turned a back-and-forth about beans into a project to document the far-flung travels of a can of beans.

Other interesting travel photo ideas

These sites feature other interesting approaches to travel photography.

  • Flat Stanley Project  – An educational project begun in Canada, Flat Stanley is a paper cut-out that volunteers take photos of in places around the world. View the Picture Gallery!
  • Phoons  – A phoon is a comical, running man pose that humans on this website have struck in places all over the planet. Why not add your own?
  • The Varieties of the Balloon Hat Experience  – Photographers Addi Somekh and Charlie Eckert have traveled the world making balloon hats for people and taking their portraits. A clever and beautiful human interaction.
  • Crazy Kent  – What makes Kent crazy, you may ask? Well, mostly it’s that his travel photography always takes place with him inside a specially designed garbage can backpack. Just check it out…
  • Parking Spots  – This project has user-submitted photos of miniature cars next to the real thing, in settings from around the world.
  • Signs of Life – Strange and often poorly phrased signs from different corners of our planet. Sometimes baffling and other times oddly illuminating, this site’s photos are worth a look.
  • Flickr Group: Travelling Toys  – There are many more images of traveling animals and objects in this photo pool on the photo-sharing site, Flickr.

Some travel blogs

A few websites where you can keep tabs on some interesting travelers…


A few musical websites the Monkey enjoys.

  • Kraftwerk  – The Monkey’s very favorite band also has one of the best websites on the net.
  • Ted Huntington’s Songs  – Ted Huntington is an internet maverick. The Monkey respects that. This link takes you to free downloads of his stellar songcraft.
  • Songs To Wear Pants To  – Do you have a weird idea for a song you wish someone would write? Songs To Wear Pants To can make that happen for you.

Random cool websites

No particular rhyme or reason here. Just some fun websites.

  • Bzzzpeek  – Learn how to make animal sounds and traffic noises in different languages. Audio contributions sought.
  • Your One Stop Jodie Shop  – This website brings you everything you need to know about Jodie Sweetin, the actress who brought Stephanie Tanner to life on TV’s Full House.
  • A Post Card for World Peace  – This global project asks users to send a post card for peace. All post cards received are displayed on the site.
  • Where Is George?  – This strange site lets you track the journeys of that U.S. or Canadian dollar bill you’ve got. So, you can know where your money’s been, after all!

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