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Gibraltar (British Overseas Territory)


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28,002 (2008)

Land area:

6.5 sq. km.


Gibraltar (local internal administration) and London (foreign affairs, defense, and some economic policy)


In 2006, Gibraltar ranked 169th in total GDP, with per capita data unavailable. Public debt accounts for 15.7 percent of total GDP, while no figure for the number of Gibraltarians beneath the poverty line is available. No ranking is available for Gibraltar in the UNDP Human Development Index.

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The Monkey

Fun fact:

In Gibraltar, the historical use of the Spanish language combined with the later arrival of the English language has resulted in another variation of the phenomenom known as Spanglish: many Gibraltarians speak a Spanish-English hybrid they call Llanito. One particularly cute Llanito phrase is “dar un ring,” which uses the Spanish “dar” (to give) and the oh-so-English “ring” and means “to telephone someone.”

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