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The drinking monkey’s Dublin

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The drinking monkey’s Dublin

All this travel leaves a monkey thirsty! In this post, the Monkey does shots (get it?) of important drink-related infrastructure in Dublin, Ireland: the Guinness Brewery and the former Jameson Distillery.

Guinness Brewery at St. James Gate, Dublin, Ireland
While there are numerous Georgian doors that compete for supremacy in Dublin, the city’s most famous gate undoubtedly belongs to the Guinness Brewery at St. James Gate. The black nectar created here from a mixture of water, hops, barley, and yeast has found its way around the world, winning converts on every continent (even Antarctica’s scientists must indulge every once in a while). The brewery was founded in 1759 on the site of another brewery, but has since expanded to a massive, 65-acre operation capable of brewing 2.5 million pints of Guinness Stout per day!

Jameson Distillery, Dublin, Ireland
Whiskey is another of Ireland’s many contributions to global culture; as an Irish folk song says, “Whiskey is the life of man, always was since the world began.” While there is no definitive conclusion to the debate about whether whiskey was concocted first in Ireland or Scotland, Irish whiskey makers are justifiably renowned for their custom of triple-distilling their products for unrivaled smoothness. Here the Monkey prepares to tour the museum set up on the site of the old Jameson Bow Street distillery in Dublin. Jameson opened its doors here in 1780 and only moved out to Midleton, County Cork to continue operations in the mid-1970s.

Barrels at Guinness Brewery, Dublin, Ireland
The Monkey was fascinated by the craftmanship of the coopers who created the wooden barrels in which Guinness Stout had to be stored. In Dublin’s Guinness Storehouse museum, you too can see the mesmerizing historic footage of the coopers’ considerable talents.

Guinness Brewery, Dublin, Ireland
Brewmaster Monkey checks that everything is going according to plan with the latest batch of Guinness Stout.

Pillory, Dublin, Ireland
In the past, imbibing too much of either of these places’ products might have landed you in the pillory. Luckily, the Monkey was small enough to slide his head out and escape this one, found in the crypt of Christchurch Cathedral, before anyone noticed.

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4,156,119 (2008)

Land area:

68,890 sq. km.


Dublin (pop: 495,781; 2005)


In 2006, Ireland ranked 8th in the UNDP Human Development Index and 29th in total GDP, with a per capita GDP of $52,892.89. Public debt accounts for 24.9 percent of total GDP, while 7 percent of Irish are beneath the poverty line.

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English, Gaelic

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Fun fact:

Ireland’s 1845-1850 potato famine is an infamous historical tragedy that resulted in some one million deaths and mass emigration. But it is also a travesty. While a blight did wipe out potato crops, a staple food of the Irish peasant, Ireland’s farms still produced sufficient food to feed the population. Unfortunately, much of that food was exported to Britain by colonial landlords. Thus the suffering caused by a natural disaster was augmented by profit-oriented human decisions—an unfortunate trend that continues around the world today.

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