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Schlepp travels: Episode 8

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Schlepp travels: Episode 8

In a smattering of photos shot between 2003 and 2005, the Monkey and his Schlepp friends share some adventures—from beer drinking in Prague to lobbying in Washington. The set includes photos from Argentina, Austria, Canada, the Czech Republic, and the United States.

Schlepps in U Medvidku, Prague, Czech Republic
Schleppie and Pizho kick back with the locals at their namesake beerhall, U Medvidku (The Little Bears), in Prague, Czech Republic. October 2005.

Strelka and Monkey, The Capitol, Washington, DC, United States
Strelka and the Monkey prepare to peddle some influence on Capitol Hill, in Washington, DC, United States. November 2005.

Schleppik with cherubs in Vienna, Austria
Cherubs in Vienna wrestle for Schleppik’s attention. Austria, November 2003.

Schlepp with alfajores, Buenos Aires, Argentina
A very content Schlepp prepares to consume even more alfajores. Buenos Aires, Argentina, August 2005.

Schleppik and Monkey, Stade Olympique, Montréal, Quebec, Canada
Schleppik and the Monkey visit Montréal’s space age Stade Olympique, home of the 1976 Olympic Summer Games.

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