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Schlepp travels: Episode 3

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Schlepp travels: Episode 3

Whenever possible, the Schlepps like to hit the road with their friend, the Monkey. In these photos from 2002 and 2003, a few of the Schlepps visit unique spots in Belgium, Turkey, the United States, and what was then Yugoslavia (now Serbia).

Schleppie at the seaside, California, United States
During Schleppie’s visit to California in March 2003 he paused for a photo with these wonderful oceanside plants.

Schlepp at the Golden Horn in Istanbul, Turkey
Schlepp waits for a ferry by the Golden Horn in Istanbul, Turkey. Across the water you can see the Galata Tower quite clearly. September 2002.

Strelka Schlepp and the Monkey at Buckingham Fountain, Chicago, Illinois, United States
During a July 2003 visit, Strelka and the Monkey pose by the Buckingham Fountain in Chicago, USA’s Grant Park. The towering skyline fills the horizon behind them.

Belka in Belgrade, Serbia (then Yugoslavia)
Belka accompanied the Monkey to Belgrade, Yugoslavia (now Serbia) in July 2002. Here she rests on a wall in the Kalemegdan Park. Behind her is the ivy-covered belfry of the Ruzica Church, an 18th Century gunpowder storehouse that was converted to a chapel when the Serbs retook Belgrade from the Ottomans in 1867.

Schlepp Quixote, Damme, Belgium
Schlepp Quixote rides again, this time in Damme, Belgium, May 2002. Schlepp was lured to Belgium by the Monkey’s report of excellent chocolates being made there.

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