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Schlepp travels: Episode 1 (Meet the Schlepps)

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Schlepp travels: Episode 1 (Meet the Schlepps)

It is the Monkey’s great honor and privilege to introduce to you his close friends and traveling companions, the Schlepps. A Schlepp accompanies the Monkey on many of his trips these days, assisting in the Monkey’s diplomatic mission to promote global understanding and sharing in the travel experiences.

The Schlepps are best characterized by their sleepy approach to travel, and their insatiable desire to consume large quantities of Nutella chocolate spread or anything similar. Click on the “Schlepp travels” category link to see where the Schlepps have been.

Members of the Schlepp family, 2000
Some of the Schlepps resting at home. From left to right: Belka, Schleppie, Schleppcho, Strelka, and Schlepp. Note that Schleppcho moved to Bulgaria permanently in 2000, so he doesn’t travel with the Monkey.

Schlepp and Monkey with Aya Sofia, Istanbul, Turkey
Schlepp went to Istanbul, Turkey with the Monkey in September 2002. Here they enjoy a rooftop view of the splendid Aya Sofia.

Golyam Schlepp eats dulce de leche
Golyam Schlepp (Big Schlepp) is as large as most human three-year-olds, so he doesn’t travel very often. As compensation, he gets to eat lots of sweets. Here he tucks into a jar of Argentine dulce de leche.

Schlapp at home
Schlapp is one of the newest members of the Schlepp family. He traveled to Bulgaria in January 2003 and to Argentina and Uruguay in April 2004.

Schlepp with Lino
Schlepp cuddles a jar of Lino, the Croatian variation on Nutella.

Kalinka with wine
Kalinka, the largest of the white Schlepps, has sophisticated tastes. Here she eyes a glass of Bordeaux. She visited Nova Scotia, Canada in November 2004.

Photos of the other Schlepps will be added sooner or later.

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