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Monkey’s spectacularistic Eurovision 2011 super round-up spectacular

No Comments 23 May 2011

Monkey’s spectacularistic Eurovision 2011 super round-up spectacular

As a Europhile, the Monkey always looks forward to the continent’s crowning event: the annual Eurovision Song Contest. Here is his eight-day-delayed round-up of the 2011 incarnation of the day when Europe—that melange of concept and kitsch—comes to fruition. Europe, douze points.

It’s the talent contest that launched Abba, Celine Dion, and Dana International. Yes, Eurovision. Still going strong in 2011, despite that Norwegian aural atrocity back in 2009…

The Monkey has been a keen follower of Eurovision since 1996, where he unabashedly supported the short-skirted British entry, Aussie songstress Gina G, with her atavistic, existentialist technopop ditty, “Ooh, Aah, Just a Little Bit”.

After watching his adopted homeland of Germany triumph in 2010, the Monkey was eagerly awaiting the 2011 contest live from Düsseldorf. Part of the fun of Eurovision is trying to gauge whether the millions of viewers will opt for an earnest effort, give their televotes and SMSs to a budding pop star, or choose a ridiculous victor in spite of themselves (examples include Sweden 1984, Finland 2006, Russia 2008 [seriously, Evgeni Plushenko?], and Norway 2009). And amid the dozens of “losers” each year, there are some winners: witness France’s Sebastian Tellier in 2008 and Patricia Kaas in 2009, or Spain’s (Argentine-reggaeton WTFosity) 2008 entry. And lots of ballads you can go digging for…

Eurovison 2011 Ireland
As for 2011, the Monkey had high hopes for the Irish entry, by the spike-haired twins Jedward. But then, no.

While Moldova, Estonia, Iceland, Italy, and Serbia all put forward Eurotastic final entries worthy of victory, the Monkey’s heart was taken by the pulsating pop sounds of Hungary’s Kati Wolf and her plaintive cry for relevance in the face of the nada, “What About My Dreams?”. An anthem for Europe 2011, if ever there was one.

Hungary Eurovision 2011
The Monkey enjoys Hungary’s ultimately doomed entry in Eurovision 2011. And the video:

In the end, the 2011 Eurovision spoils went to the repetitive hooks of Azerbaijan’s “Running Scared”, but the Monkey firmly believes that on this eve, we all win. See you in Baku next year!

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