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Farewell old site, hello new! Monkey relaunches his website

No Comments 14 October 2010

Farewell old site, hello new! Monkey relaunches his website

The Monkey is pleased to announce the launch of his new and upgraded website. Years in the making, the new site replaces the Monkey’s previous internet home, but at the same old address: Monkeytravel.org.

Of course, there’s still lots of work to do on the new site, so this is a beta launch. The Monkey will be using the the next few months to fill in the missing bits and get his new website up to speed.

Old Monkeytravel.org screen grab
For many years, the old Monkeytravel.org admirably served the Monkey’s mission of enhancing global understanding. But that handmade site was growing a bit tatty around the edges, and in 2008 the Monkey decided to begin work on a new and more sophisticated site. With this soft relaunch on 13 October 2010, his plans have come to fruition.

Long-time fans of the Monkey may notice that the new site currently omits some content from the original site. Rest assured, the Monkey will be restoring the old favorites while also adding new, never-released photos from years of travel—in places as disparate as Chile, China, and the Czech Republic. This little fellow hasn’t hung up his traveling boots just yet, so keep an eye on the new site and enjoy the wunderbar world of Monkey travel!

New Monkeytravel.org screen grab

This Monkey adventure has been viewed 1240 times since the 2010 website relaunch.

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