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Deep in the Fichtelgebirge

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Deep in the Fichtelgebirge

In December 2008, the Monkey journeyed to the Fichtelgebirge region, a mountainous area in the northwest corner of Bavaria, Germany. Cue the snowy landscapes and scenic villages…

A snowy walk near Bischofsgrün, Bavaria, Germany
On a winter afternoon, the Monkey enjoys a brisk hike through the rolling hills near the village of Bischofsgrün, Bavaria. Some of the higher peaks boast ski lifts and slopes.

Burg Falkenberg, Bavaria, Germany
Across a small river, you can see the surreal location of the Burg Falkenberg. The Monkey was keen to use his rock-climbing skills to gain access to the castle, but for the sake of his human companions he took a more people-friendly approach.

Forest near Falkenberg, Bavaria, Germany
The Monkey rests on some rather comfortable moss before continuing his uphill climb toward the fairytale castle in Falkenberg.

Falkenberg Castle, Falkenberg, Bavaria, Germany
Schlepp and the Monkey get a better look at the Burg Falkenberg, a quintessential German castle. Perched atop a rocky outcrop at the center of the town of Falkenberg, the castle dates from 1154, but was significantly restored in the mid 20th Century. As far as these visitors could tell, the only way into the castle is via that covered bridge across the natural “moat”—yes, those are tree tops just behind the intrepid pair.

Falkenberg, Bavaria, Germany
Der Affe stops for a photo in the eponymous town at the foot of the Falkenberg castle.

Fichtelberg AMF Museum, Bavaria, Germany
In Fichtelberg, the Monkey happened upon this bizarre sight. The helicopter and tram turned out to be part of the AMF Museum, dedicated to autos, motorcycles, aircraft, and other modes of transport. Not exactly what the Monkey was expecting to find in this town at the heart of an expansive nature park.

Fichtelberg church, Bavaria, Germany
Fichtelberg’s church commands attention, set atop a hill at the center of town. The Monkey dropped by while looking for a cafe where he could get some cocoa to warm up.

Tirschenreuth, Bavaria, Germany
The Monkey visits Tirschenreuth’s central Markt, with the pretty Stadtpfarrkirche Mariä Himmelfahrt church set amid local shops. Tirschenreuth is quite near the border with the Czech Republic, and is renowned for the wares of its porcelain factory, long ago closed.

Beers in Bischofsgrün, Bavaria, Germany
After a hearty day of hiking and exploration of this quaint and lovely corner of Germany, the Monkey found the perfect way to end the day: A few rounds of Bavarian brews at the local Gaststube. Bliss.

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349,223 sq. km.


Berlin (pop: 3,471,418; 2005)


In 2006, Germany ranked 20th in the UNDP Human Development Index and 3rd in total GDP, with a per capita GDP of $35,270.36. Public debt accounts for 64.9 percent of total GDP, while 11 percent of Germans are beneath the poverty line.

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Der Affe (dare off-uh)

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Germany leads the world in waste separation, with over 80 percent of paper and glass being recycled. Be careful which receptacle you put that candy wrapper in!

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