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A medley of unrelated sites in Dublin

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A medley of unrelated sites in Dublin

In this collection of photos from November 2002, the Monkey meanders around Dublin, taking in a few examples of the Irish capital’s ambience.

O'Connell Street Bridge view, Dublin, Ireland
The Monkey pauses for a photo on the O’Connell Street Bridge in central Dublin. Like Paris, Dublin is blessed with a narrow river flowing right through the city center. Real estate with frontage on the Liffey goes for a premium these days, especially in the zone near Temple Bar, which with its vibrant restaurant scene, café culture, nightlife, galleries, and museums is Dublin’s equivalent of London’s Soho or New York’s SoHo.

Larry Murphy's Pub, Dublin, Ireland
Mention Dublin and one of the first things that comes to just about anyone’s mind is an evening (or if you’re lucky, a morning or afternoon) at the pub. Here the Monkey gets antsy posing for a photo in front of one of the city’s hundreds of watering holes before going in to have a pint.

Ha'penny Bridge, Dublin, Ireland
The Monkey looks at one of the signature sights in Dublin, the Ha’penny Bridge across the River Liffey. Built in 1816, it was originally called the Liffey Bridge but earned its new name as a result of the half-penny toll charged to pedestrians who wanted to cross it. Toll collection ended in 1919, but the name stuck.

James Joyce statue, Dublin, Ireland
What a photo, eh? No doubt you can’t tell who that metallic gentleman is considering the lens is focused on the wall in the background. Well, the Monkey is happily resting on the shoulder of one of Ireland’s greatest authors, the legendarily wordy James Joyce.

Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland
An Irish squad confronts their Scottish counterparts in a football match on the grounds of Dublin’s Trinity College. The Monkey was stunned by the vivid green color of the pitch. Sorry sports fans, the Monkey didn’t stick around long enough to see who won the match.

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4,156,119 (2008)

Land area:

68,890 sq. km.


Dublin (pop: 495,781; 2005)


In 2006, Ireland ranked 8th in the UNDP Human Development Index and 29th in total GDP, with a per capita GDP of $52,892.89. Public debt accounts for 24.9 percent of total GDP, while 7 percent of Irish are beneath the poverty line.

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English, Gaelic

Monkey's name:

The Monkey, Ap (Ah-p)

Fun fact:

Ireland’s 1845-1850 potato famine is an infamous historical tragedy that resulted in some one million deaths and mass emigration. But it is also a travesty. While a blight did wipe out potato crops, a staple food of the Irish peasant, Ireland’s farms still produced sufficient food to feed the population. Unfortunately, much of that food was exported to Britain by colonial landlords. Thus the suffering caused by a natural disaster was augmented by profit-oriented human decisions—an unfortunate trend that continues around the world today.

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