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2010 Year in review

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2010 Year in review

Enjoy a quick review of the Monkey’s highlights in 2010.

2010 began quietly for the Monkey. For the first few months, he tried to save money and keep warm at his home in Berlin, Germany. The Monkey already has quite a backlog of Berlin photos, which he hopes to publish soon in 2011.

London Street, London, England, United KingdomIn April he took his first trip of 2010, to London, England, United Kingdom. Once a resident of the city (in 1995 and 1996), the Monkey was pleased to return to his old stomping grounds and see how the city has changed. He made repeated visits to England during the remainder of 2010, so watch for many new photos on the site soon.

In June and July, the Monkey traveled to South Africa for the 2010 World Cup. He attended several important matches, including Germany’s famous 4-0 quarter-finals victory over Argentina in Cape Town. He also managed to visit some lovely places, including Pretoria, Johannesburg, Kruger National Park, Cape Town, and the Cape Peninsula.

Argentina-Germany World Cup 2010, Cape Town, South Africa

On the way home from South Africa in July, the Monkey made a quick visit to Qatar, his first journey to the Gulf Region.

In September, the Monkey returned to one of the world’s most beautiful cities—Prague, Czech Republic—for a few days. Many lovely photos from both this recent trip and his 2005 visit are on the way.

October saw the Monkey unveil his new and improved website, replacing the original site dating from 2002.

Marrakech ramparts, MoroccoThe Monkey also traveled to Bonn and Cologne, Germany during October—these photos are in the works for 2011.

To wrap up a fruitful year, the Monkey traveled back to Morocco, a country he first visited in 1996. This time, the Monkey got many more photos of this fascinating country. Watch for the first of these photos early in 2011!

2011 beckons

Looking ahead, the Monkey will continue to publish his back catalog of images and stories, while also undertaking new journeys whenever possible. The Monkey expects to visit several new places this year, including Poland, Wales, and additional regions of Germany.

This Monkey adventure has been viewed 1303 times since the 2010 website relaunch.

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